For those who do not know, a torc is a form of metal neck adornment worn by the Celts. It symbolized rank and status. Often they were of some precious metal, twisted and embellished according to the tastes and wealth of the owner. The open end is worn toward the front, and since the ones I make are of iron and a bit more rigid, getting them sized right requires a bit of finesse. Some like them a little looser or to hang lower, some prefer tight. We can work on that. Here is a sample of my work and what can be done:


The torc above was created for an Asatru follower. Most of the ones I make are less elaborate. Usually with curled or spiral ends, much like the one seen cooking in the forge in the main photo. Depending upon thickness and degree of ornamentation, they can run from $25-$100.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere you can see a few more torcs, along with some other objects. The torcs here are between $35-$40.