Steel Care

As your items get worn or used, they will be exposed to things that will make them rust. Most everything I create, unless otherwise specified, will go through the steps of firescale removal and a wax or oil treatment. This is done to protect the metal. Caring for your objects is not a complicated thing but will need to be done periodically.

What I usually do after making the object shiny with a wire brush, is heat it with a propane torch and rub it with Johnson’s Wax. I have experimented with motor oil as well, but any oil will due.

Once you notice rust on your item, remove it with fine steel wool, a wire brush, or a Scotchbrite type pad.

Hold the object over a flame such as from a gas stove, propane torch or similar heat source. An oven might work as well, just keep checking the temperature to make sure it is getting heated up. The object should be uncomfortable to the touch. DO NOT heat until cherry red or something like that. Just enough so it gets rather warm.

Also, use a glove or tongs when heating your item. The heat will conduct pretty quickly and we do not want any burns.

Once the item is heated, coat it in the substance of your choice. You can drop it in a container of oil or wax or simply use a rag that has been soaked in whatever you want to use. As I mentioned earlier, Johnson’s Wax works well. Please be careful not to burn yourself when handling whatever you are treating.

Also be aware that Johnson’s Wax is flammable, so keep it away from any heat sources. It also has a solvent-like smell that you might not like, so do this in a well ventilated area. It is also not food safe, so only use on decorative items or things that will not be used for food preparation.

If you want to be food safe, mineral oil is a good option. I have not really used it, but give it a try.

Once your item has cooled, wipe off the excess and continue to enjoy!

If you have questions or if any of this is unclear, feel free to contact me through my Contact page.